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Madagascan Ylang Ylang, work no 3.1
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A beautiful product. Inside and out.


Our intention was always to create a brand with key values of a lasting creative aesthetic, unsurpassable scents and superb quality.

Honesty is key to everything that we do- we are honest about every aspect of our products and how we operate and will always explain everything.


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A work of art.

Each product that we create is linked directly with an artwork we have commissioned for that product or collaborated with an artist to create. This artwork comes in the form of a single patch of canvas, wrapped and sewn around the container. Keep it on the bottle while you're using it and once you have finished with it simply slip the sleeve off and take out the stitching. Frame your artwork or collect more to create a larger work yourself. Send the container back and we will reuse it and send you a code for 20% off your next purchase. We hope to create a closed loop that is honest, sustainable and means that you can enjoy products again and again.


One sprayer. reusable.