Bespoke candle creation

Bespoke candle creation


Love candles? Want to give a special gift for a loved one or treat yourself?

A bespoke candle is a great investment and item that will be special and cherished forever. For only £79.99 we will work with you to create a 100% bespoke candle that will be exclusive to you.

Stage 1

We will email you to ask for ideas and inspiration for your candle scent, this can be anything at all from previous scents that you love to your favourite film or book! We will then create a PDF document that we will send to you with a mood board of the fragrance including your ideas and also ideas and directions for ingredients that we may want to use.

Stage 2

If you have approved the PDF document for your scent we will then progress to create 3 scent samples based on the document. These will be sent to you to review and give some feedback on- each one will be a slightly different direction of your ideas for us to start narrowing down your perfect candle.

Stage 3

We then go back and forth with stage 2 until you find your perfect scent! Usually this takes around 3 ‘rounds’ where each time we are getting closer and closer to exactly what you would like. There’s no limits to the number of rounds or the amount of time and we can work on this stage as long as you need!

Stage 4

Your candle is made- we will blend the oils for your candle before hand pouring your candle to create a 270g single wick candle with a 45 hour burn time. On the box will be a bespoke scent breakdown of the Top, Middle and Base notes for you to keep forever.

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Want to re order a bespoke candle after you have finished using it?

Send us back your glass and we will send you a 20% off voucher that you can use on any product including our bespoke service.

Want to order more than one bespoke candle?

These are ideal for giving more than one gift, building a stock of your unique candle or for special occasions such as weddings! Please email us or use the contact form below and we can give a bespoke cost with additional options like having your own artwork on the candle and box etc.

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