Blank factory

From when we first ever thought of creating Blank Factory, we knew that our impact on the world was going to be central to whatever we ended up doing. Brands can no longer go into the world and sell products without thinking of the wider meaning, influence and impact they have by selling those products.

Some smaller brands would say that they are committed to the environment and their long term goal is to be 'eco' but when they are small they can't achieve this. The idea that being a small fish in a big pond and cannot make a difference is out dated because it is the job of the little fish to be responsible for their actions just as much as the larger companies that dominate the industry. 

Therefore from the outset of Blank Factory we have made all of the packaging recyclable, sourced locally where possible and, most important of all, the candle jars and room spray spray bottles will earn you a discount off of your next purchase when you take the time to send them back to us after use!

Simply remove your artwork, safely package the containers and include a note with your order number and email address and we'll send you a 20% off voucher for your next purchase. We can then re use this and hopefully create a closed loop that has as little impact on the environment as possible.