The process of the perfumer

blank factory

Our scents are blended by us by hand in Ramsgate, Kent. We know every single ingredient in them because we put it in there and worked on each fragrance to create a unique and complex blend. A lot of other companies will promote an image and illusion that a scent is constructed in house but is in fact outsourced to a fragrance supplier or upscaler. We are proud to be unique, to be human and to be authentic: we believe in truth. 

The process of constructing and layering a scent is sometimes a long one and some of our blends have a handful of beautiful ingredients and then some have a huge number in varying amounts! The first stage is to create a visual identity of the fragrance that is aimed for- How would your favourite scent look and feel if it was physical? What colours and patterns would you see?

The perfumers notebook is one of the most important items in our studio. We use a custom Smythson pocket notebook because Smythson have always made the best stationary and a quality ingredients list deserves a quality paper to be written on. This notebook has all our fragrance workings including that of past and present private clients, friends, collaborations and fragrances. Scent memories live within the perfumers notebook and by reconstructing some of the work on these pages will instantly transport you.