We were very conscious with our packaging that it must be as blank and uniformly 'unbranded' as possible to not detract from the artwork within. Although we are central in curating the artwork and making the scents and products we always wanted our artists and the work they create to take centre stage.

Over the next few years we will forge lasting relationships with young and established artists from all over the world to promote their work and place it into a new context. Artwork should be enjoyed and used in its very base form: a decoration. Much more than that, we have fallen in love with the idea that artwork does not have to be something that goes straight behind glass and placed on a wall but can be something that is handled and studied and enjoyed.

Our first six artworks were created in collaboration with one of our founders, Gus Sharpe, as this was one of the catalysts for starting the entire brand and therefore it felt natural. As we grow we will be releasing as many new works as possible from even more artists and hope to create a community of work that is both physical, on the products, but also central to this website. 

We will be featuring artist stories, videos and content as we meet, work with them and make beautiful work.

Alexander Verier