Aside from the curated independent artwork on the outside of the products and trying to have an ethical conscience we also know that what is inside all of the products has to be the best quality to make them a truly luxurious experience from end to end. 

We are not a specifically natural brand as from past experience this is a tough area where compromises will end up with misleading our customers by saying something is natural when it is not. Our products are honest. They use a carefully selected blend of the best natural oils, synthetic fragrant oils and blending ingredients. We just want them to be the best quality and potency and we think we have achieved that.

Each of our fragrances has taken months to perfect and has been sampled to a huge array of people to give feedback, make notes and create a truly extraordinary range of scents. These are all made by us by blending and experimenting with ingredients- we do not outsource any of this process.

Our room sprays are blended with high quality alcohol specifically made for perfumes and room sprays and our candles have 100% natural soy wax because this, in our opinion, gives the best scent throw as well as not being harmful to breathe in like other materials used in the industry.