From the very beginning of Blank Factory we were insistent that we would make as little impact on the environment as possible and plastic was a huge concern. 

Our bottles are made from aluminium so they are strong and hard to damage, easily reusable, and therefore not harmful to the earth. The candles we make come in glass that can be reused or recycled and all of our exterior packaging is recycled or from sustainable sources. 

The one last problem therefore was how to administer our room sprays. The packaging industry is not yet geared up to create an all metal or bio plastic sprayer (this will hopefully change over time with demand) and therefore our only option was to use a plastic. 

After some deliberation and feelings of guilt we remembered that our core value is to minimise and be aware of our impact, sadly we cannot yet create our own custom sprayer but what we can do is present and sell them in a way that is responsible and carries a warning in much the same way that cigarettes do today. 

We therefore present our One Sprayer- a plastic trigger spray which we sell separately to the room sprays so that once you have bought one you will need to keep it for your next product. Plastic is a one time purchase, not a disposable or throwaway item.


One Sprayer.


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Alexander Verier