Scent Creation

Over the last six months we have been formulating the first fragrances that will become our first six product lines. 

It is always a struggle when first starting this process to develop a scent that will stand out but will also invoke memories and joy from the people smelling them for the first time. A scent must be new and surprising but classic and timeless, the ingredients must be known and loved but also a new discovery and composition. 

The process is an incredible one and we take great pride in saying that we know exactly what has gone into every single scent that we make and we mix them by hand and know them intimately. These scents are our own and will never be made in a giant factory or warehouse but instead always in house and by hand. 

We have therefore been able to take time in selecting the best essential oils and aroma materials to formulate our scents and we think they are some of the best we have ever experienced. 

The top note of each scent is either an ingredient we had never heard of, and was as much a discovery for us as it will be for you, or a classic scent that we wanted to remaster and reimagine to give a whole new angle and impression to inspire you for the years to come!