Artist Focus: Charles Jeffrey

Charles Jeffrey, our focus this week, is a Scottish artist, illustrator and fashion designer who has been heavily influenced and involved with the ‘club kid’ scene emerging throughout the current creative realm. With his brand ‘Loverboy’ he has created a truly brilliant bright world of stylishly sleek yet painted punk fashion, art you can wear.

One of my main recent focuses for inspiration is his show, ‘Tantrum’ which was his collection for AW18, not his most recent, but a personal highlight. The way Jeffrey has curated the ‘Tantrum' show, totally kicks the more elegant runways you may have seen in the face, still a catwalk but launching the idea of neat and tidy into a more disgustingly configured walkway of shouting, anger, and impolite strutting to display a violent stage show. With a body painted Drummer performing ‘Firestarter’ by the Prodigy as the soundtrack to the show, it gives that fiercer atmosphere that works so well with the much messier designs he is vocalising with Tantrum.

Loverboy inspires us so much to push boundaries for how mediums are traditionally practiced, you can see with his work that Jeffrey does this by using his paintings and drawings and translating them into fabrics and 3D designs on his clothes. A wonderful example of this, is the coat worn by Faris Badwan, A piece that could by sight be something that might be made somewhat out of plasticine and tubing. This is genius to bring such works of art to life in the form of a garment, totally twisting what we think about traditional fabrics and how they are applied in fashion design.

Feel inspired this week with our Madagascan Ylang Ylang, Work no 3, a work that features a bold and bright self portrait in an almost ‘Loverboy’ style.