Artist Focus: Claire Barrow

This week we are devling into the works of Claire Barrow, a multi media exploration of fashion, diverse art production, and editorials which scream the hand crafted look of elegance in what she creates.

We’ve been hooked with Barrows work for a while now as she has produced such a wide presentation of works in her exploration of different styles and collections. Works of hers include draped fabrics painted on and printed with her own unique sketches and illustrative patterns. This stripped back style is present in her A/W16 collection. The collection incorporates some edwardian style garments with a worn/tattered look to each piece, mixed in with more modern craft in her style of hand drawn patterns adorning them. There is a wonderful mix of the more minimal style twinned with multiple layering of fabrics creating intricate looks.

Apparent in all of her work, Barrow gives age to each of her garments, like they have been lived through by another individual before being presented. Even in her most recent collection released in 2018 named ‘Xtreme Sports: Adrenaline Collection’ which was shot throughout a theme park. The distressed look can be seen particularly in the colourful fine art style hoodies, tops and body suits. The art tattoo sleeves are an absolute favourite of ours, something so simple such as a fabric sleeve with Barrows signature style of illustrations covering the surface. Fantastic example of using less materials to make inspiring and sellable products. Her art shop is truly unique housing her self produced products with obscure items in this collections, like clocks, puzzle kits, ect, an online purchasable portfolio!

We love the styling throughout her catalogue of work, and how she has created such vibrance in making wearable art that is not only visually beautiful but adapts along side so well with the less polished canvases she selects to work onto.