Truth and achieving authenticity

Authenticity, truthfulness and true transparency is so key to everything that we do and should be, we think, the rule for our competitors. 

We encourage our customers to ask questions and explore everything that we do but also educate themselves to reevaluate the things they read on things like instagram. 

Essential oils are created through a variety of ways and take a huge amount of raw material to create only a few millilitres of oil at the end of it. We source our oils from reliable, sustainable and where possible organic sources from around the world that have been producing oils for many years. The above figures show some of the yields from different raw materials that we use in our products, as you can see only a tiny fraction of each will eventually yield oil! We do not harvest oils for a scent from your local woodland, park or driveway and make litres and litres of oils as it would be impossible but also unsustainable!

Our scents are all blended by us using techniques of layering, experimentation but most of all fun! We create scents that will inspire and allure you, they are ever changing and, hopefully, loved. Technologies and technical buzz words that are used to mislead or impress a customer can be wrong or misused by brands but we believe it is important to explain these and educate! Question everything and investigate: Terms like Headspace Technology, Distillation and even laboratory often inspire customers to purchase and trust a brand but look deeper.

The huge cost involved in technology such as headspace makes it unattainable to a lot of companies and it is unattractive to most brands that aiming for a 100% natural product as the process produces a chemical profile for that smell which is a series of different chemical amounts and elements which can then be replicated to form that scent. However, to replicate the outcome of the headspace findings means that only chemicals and combinations of chemical oils can be used to perfectly recreate that scent! So there is a choice between using headspace and being natural but it is nearly impossible to be both as the entire point of using the technology is to protect natural resources and create synthetic scents that have less impact on the world and environment.

Natural and sustainable? 

Due to the large amount of raw material required to create essential oils for use in perfumery and scented products there must be huge farms and plantations that grow plants for the express use of distilling or soaking to turn them into the final oil. These farms huge thousands of litres of water, resources and take up a lot of valuable farm land. Is it therefore sustainable for a brand to use only 100% natural ingredients without first assessing the impact of growing that much raw material? We use a blend of natural and synthetic oils that have been specially formulated for using in fragrances and candles- engineered for their scented quality with 0% raw material and waste created! A sustainable decision is hard and not one with any easy answers but the key, we think, is to always ask the questions.

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Alexander Verier