Artist Focus: Dylan Hall

Dylan hall is a graphic artists based in London, we took some time this week to ask him a few questions about his work.

Your work has a wide range of themes to it from architectural shop fronts and buildings to more graphical drawings of people. Why do you enjoy working in this style?

I spend a lot of time exploring places by walking around and documenting things that interest me by sketching or taking photos. I am always grabbed by shops that have a very distinctive look to them that makes them unique and the thought to document it is almost automatic. I do a similar thing with people that I see around that interest me, I like to write descriptions or note down pieces of conversation which I come back to as reference in work later. My more observation based work is a direct development of this documenting but all of it is what I come back to when making comics and other more fictionalised work. 

How has your practice/work process changed over time with ways you experiment in different mediums?

I think now I am just a lot less careful with the way I work. I used to spend a lot more time planning out projects rather than doing them and was frustrated with how long everything would take me so now I try going into everything with just a basic idea and allow projects to unfold into more naturally by just making the work and working out how things fit together as it goes on by filling the gaps. I use lots of mediums in my work depending what works best for an idea but I always try to keep the improvisation at the forefront. 

Have you any major influences from artists, pop culture or topics that you relate to in your work?

I get influences from a lot of different places and tend to cherry pick ideas from films, books, news headlines and personal experience to build up themes in my work. Most of my work is built around themes of things that I find funny. I use films and books a lot for finding snippets of text that I like, Richard Linklater and Irvine Welsh are people I have referenced from before. I also take a lot of influence from Raymond Pettibon’s work for a number of reasons but I specifically enjoy his snide references to popular culture that are often as dark as they are humorous.

Is there anything you are currently working on creatively?

I am currently writing a new comic called Goblin that a kind of mystery story set in a forgotten about town. I am also working on a collaborative project at the moment creating a fictional director and building up a collection of posters for imagined films. 

If you were to have a dream project to work on, in any scale, any idea what it might be?

I always like the idea of making some bits into big mural works, but also developing my characters and stories into animations is something I would love to do. 

View Dylan’s work here now!

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