Artist Focus: Finn Stone

This week, our artist Focus is Finn Stone, a multi media artist who immediately caught our eye with his  killer looks and work ethic of a machine, producing new incredible artists at all opportunity, even presenting himself as somewhat of his own art piece! We spoke to him this week about where he gains his ideas from...

You have a fantastical, flamboyant look, where do you find your inspiration from in presenting yourself in this way?

Looking at characters in History who were gentlemen wearing hats such as Charlie Chaplin one of my favourites, the hat made the person the rest is history ..twist that up with 70s colours and attitude, creates a Retro Rouge, I guess I found a character in myself which I became.

A lot of your work is highly inspired by re-invention of classic works, including pop art and pop culture references. Why do you love working in this way?

People Recognise famous images, I love take them apart and reinvent them in a new way, remaster them in the material they were painting  with, twisting history back to invent some new with an original technique.

How has your practice/work process changed over time with ways you experiment in different mediums, for instance your work with painted brushes is key in your painting, how did this idea come about?

After studying Van Gogh paintings looking deep into them, I realised the brushes marks looked like paintbrushes and wonder could I produce a painting out of the original material in it was painted with paintbrushes, the first painting produced in paintbrushes sold in 45 mins of it being shown so the domino effect begin production of the paintbrush painting .

Your work seems to up its scale and majesty as time goes on, are there any dream goals you would like to achieve?

Dreams and goals ..I already designed a famous chair “The Ball chair” which is still going strong moved into the Art Market from Design .

The paintings took off in Mayfair galleries reaching high end prices and Next continuing to paint  and looking into setting up a fashion label .

Any current projects, masterpieces or exhibition ideas are you working on?

Yes a new piece is being made as we speak I feel it will be one of most powerful Masterpieces I have achieved. Which is a giant portrait of Beethoven made of cut up Violins  which will shown in London on 25th of April.

Are there any particular individuals from anywhere in history or the world that inspire you significantly?

When I was younger I would visit Covent Garden a lot, I found dancer called Dr Stewart body popping in a bowler hat he was a modern Charlie Chaplin with Twist he’s ended up being in some amazing films .

And the likes of Charlie Chaplin, Willy Wonka and the comedian Norman Wisdom  also was a great inspiration to me, people who were characters in themselves .

The thesis I wrote at college many years ago was called “a character in myself “ it just so happens I turned into the character.

Alexander Verier