Be creative: Incense Burners


A few weeks ago we decided to get creative and make some interesting burners for our incense. We used just air dry clay which is readily available in most high-street craft shops or you can buy it on Amazon or similar.

The key to making these is that there needs to be a large enough chamber at the bottom of the object to hold the incense cone but to also give it enough space around it give it enough oxygen and air or it will extinguish the cone before it has been able to infuse into the room around you.

Simply mould and smooth the clay into your desired shape (We started off quite simply in our ideas with a hand and ended on a slightly more risqué tone…), whilst making sure that whatever shape it will be has enough of an air chamber at the bottom. This takes a little bit more work and trying and testing as you work as they need a lot more space to burn than you may first think. You then need to use a paint brush handle or a wooden rod to push a clear chimney through the clay for the smoke to escape from. Once you are happy with the object and think it will work leave it to dry for a few weeks before painting and vanishing.

The main idea behind this was to create objects with your hands which are fun, new and most of all creative! Life is serious 95% of the time so it’s refreshing and meditative to actually sit down and play with some clay for a few hours to make something unique!

Alexander Verier