Artist focus: John Booth


This week Gus Sharpe speaks briefly about his thoughts on the artist and ceramicist John Booth.

John Booth is a fantastic mixed media artist, who works in paint, ceramics, fashion and more.

There are a fair few current artists that we are transfixed by at the moment for their playfulness in the use of colour.; John Booth fits into this category oh so well. He has truly made another world out of his art, that world being all possible objects that could fill your home adorned with his bright cartoon scribblings. The words ‘controlled chaos’ spring to mind when observing his style, sharp imagery of thick, chunky paintings all ordered together into a neat array of ordered colours.


He started his practice in ceramic work in 2015 and it is all truly unique and beautiful usually in the shapes of heads and human figures, which make the flowers almost look a little as if they were hair! Some particular favourite pieces of our would be the ceramic face plates, with his signature head design shape.

Booth’s exploration of all these different medias, and also by pushing boundaries of confining just to paper and instead designing interiors of all translation, really inspire to look past just what a drawing/painting can be limited to

Find him on instagram @john_booth

Alexander Verier