Artist Focus: Kaffe Fassett

For this weeks Artist Focus we were interested in looking at the incredible work by Kaffe Fassett, the American born artist who is best known for his work in needlepoint, patchwork, knitting and painting. We were naturally drawn to his intricate use of colour to create vibrant and fulfilling works that stand the test of time whilst being original and unique.

We first discovered Kaffe Fassett whilst clearing some storage boxes where we came upon his book ‘Glorious Needlepoint’ which has a huge array of different works that have been truly inspirational to us this week. Each work is different with colour and pattern being used to create almost photographically detailed pieces that we instantly fell in love with.

As well as his use of emotive colour to enrapture his audience he demonstrates such a skill and artisanal approach with a perfection that makes his work look almost machine engineered. He has been working since the early 60’s but his designs remain relevant, fashionable and important- Kaffe Fassett bring an almost classical influence to his work that means it endures and remains relatable.

We took some quick photographs of his book to pick out our favourite works but he’s definitely worth searching for online to see the remainder of his huge catalogue of work.

IMG_1884 2.JPG
Alexander Verier