Artist Focus: Kate Amery

This week we speak to an inspirational artist working with sculpture twinned with photography, Kate Amery. Here’s what she has to say regarding her current work... 

You have a fantastic interest in sustainability and helping the environment with what you create, why is this an important focal point in your work?

Due to the current issue world wide, the Plastic crisis always features within my creations. As a millennial, I feel it’s very important to highlight the issues, so future generations don’t suffer like we have. Change needs to happen now rather than later and I hope my work portrays this message and can have an impact on the viewers. 

What introduced you to the world of sculpture and what has made you lean towards that and photography as your preferred use of media?

Throughout my photography degree a few years ago at London College of Communication, I found myself being more drawn to the elements within a photo rather than the actual image. I became passionate about creating an object that you could view 360 degrees rather than being within an image where you couldn’t get a sense of size or scale. This lead me to creating art pieces and using Photography as a means of capturing the sculptures I had installed. Due to the objects being ephemeral, I enjoyed observing the decay process over a certain amount of time.

Some particular works of yours that we love are your ‘Man Made’ collection, how did you come up with this concept?

It has been a gradual development over the course of the past 5 years and throughout my Masters at Royal College of Art. A lot of the time it is trial and era and often I find the still life sets that I create don’t portray the idea of man’s intervention within the natural world. It is important for me that the objects juxtapose in a way that not only attracts the viewer, but also creates awareness of the environmental issues we are facing in today’s society. 

Are there any artists or designers you take a lot of current inspiration from?

Natural forms for me are the main source of inspiration. I find myself mimicking natural components with man made objects and materials, whether it being the shapes or colours that attracts me. I take inspiration from artists such as Chihuly because of the way he creates sculptures that are so similar to natural identities. In the future, I plan to create installations as large scale as Chihuly’s work as I feel with size generates more of an overwhelming impact on the viewer. 

Have you got any aspirations or even new mediums you would like to explore in the future related to your craft?

As mentioned, size for me would be the next obvious step within my work. I would be interested to see how size would make a difference to the viewer and what the impact would be on the response. Videography, especially time lapse, would be a medium I would love to explore. The process of the decaying natural components compared to the synthetic parts that we as mankind have created, would show in a short space of time the resilience of plastic and how detrimental it is to our planet. 

You can see more of Kate’s work here, she is represented by House of Juba