Artist Focus: Keith Flint

This weeks focus is a little different as we would like to feature, very much an artist in his own right , Keith Flint. The frontman of the Prodigy shone inspiration into the young anarchic hearts of listeners around the world with his unique self presentation and by becoming a huge face on the punk generation.

Flint is a huge personal inspiration to us as we have been goggling in awe at his ripped raver outfits and reverse Mohawk hair to match for years, influencing not only how we dress but also his rebellious character and ethos. We have watched from afar and taken note of the distressed styling and intense patterns to work elements of this fashion into our painting, adornments, creations and even clothing.

The dark edge displayed in styling the works of the prodigy, such as the music videos and songs give an air of grittiness and aggression, even though Keith himself was known to be adored for his gentler nature to others. He influenced the masses when the band released their smash hit single ‘Firestarter’ dressed in an iconic punk print sweater, giving birth to the new age of warehouse ravers that would follow the band for years to come and still to this day. Even Charles Jeffrey as mentioned in the last article used this single for his ‘Tantrum’ show.

Keith has always been one icon we have looked to for inspiration and we have no doubt his music and message will be voiced for future generations to come.

Feel inspired this week with our invigorating and uplifting Indian Ajowan:

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