Our latest products

incense cones

We have been working hard over the last few months to develop three entirely new scents to produce as our latest product type: Incense Cones. They have been released today in three different types in, what we have decided, will be the first range or family of incense in hopefully a much longer and larger selection. This ‘Red Edition’ comprises of Indonesian Gurjun and Orange, Siberian Fir Needle and Eucalyptus and Chinese Aniseed and Red Thyme.

Check out the individual product pages for more information on the scent of each one and check out our blog over the coming weeks for an interview with the artist behind the packaging and in depth analysis of the creation of the each scent.

I have worked with incense cones before and it has always been a balancing act between the clear aroma of the cones before they are lit and the smoke infused and heady version of that aroma once they are burnt.
— Alex Verier