Artist Focus: Perou

In this weeks Artist Focus we speak to the photographer Perou who’s work spans over 20 years and has been featured around the world in a range of different uses such as album covers, magazines, editorials and exhibitions. His work is intense, awe inspiring and focussed with an eye for detail and expression that is unseen in any other photographer.

What's the strangest thing you have ever photographed?

Probably when I photographed bill Drummond and bill cauty as 'the KLF’

As per their request, I had to ask my agent to arrange: two pairs of mens striped pyjamas, two motorised wheelchairs, a crossbow and a recently dead (floppy) swan.

It was quite a thing, following them through east London ramming people with their wheelchairs, dressed as two old men: one with a real crossbow, the other with a dead swan full of crossbow bolts

Can’t roam about London with a crossbow these days, however old you are: armed response would be there to end your fun.

Who have you always wanted to work with but have not had the chance to yet?

I will never have the chance to and regret not photographing spike Milligan, Elvis, John hurt and Johnny cash.

Madonna, HM queen Elizabeth and William Dafoe are all on my Wishlist

Tbh. I wanna photograph EVERYONE

How does physical media such as paint and make up effect your process and outcome in your photography?

It wildly depends on the shoot: It can be all about the paint, makeup, lighting, location and clothes or it might be about none of these.

The clown project you did a few years ago was really amazing and something so striking. Have you thought of doing anything else in the future that would be similar or expand on that idea?

I was interested in doing a book of famous straight men made up as ladies for a book called ‘dragstar’ and I can mention it now, because I have discarded this idea

We are talking about doing another makeup related book with makeup artists: when I get a moment I’ll probably get on with it.

This time I might not be IN the pictures: I’ll take them of others.

What is your favourite scent and does scent play any part in your process in the studio?

Hmm…I’m very fond of the smell of my wife’s skin without scentBut I like it when she wears Tom Ford’s ’Tobacco oud’ Or Bryedo's 1996

But I literally just wrote about my love of COPAL which we burn oftenAt home and in the studio. We bring back chunks from Mexico It cleanses my soul, man. Probably the smoky haze adds to those soft focus pictures we’re doing too.

Alexander Verier