2019 Plans and Plums


And…we’re back! We hope all of our customers, contributors and friends had a great festive break!

December and January are traditionally the darkest, coldest and the hardest months of the year and that is perhaps why all around the world, no matter what culture, faith or creed, humanity has filled the darkest time of our year with light, colour and happiness. It is a great time to see loved ones, take some time out from the rat race of the modern age and reevaluate your life ready for the coming year. Although every day is the start to a new year, the beginning of January always feels fresh and a time of optimism and new challenges!

Here at Blank Factory we are feeling exactly that with a huge number of collaborations, special projects and new projects planned for the coming year and we’ll be sharing everything with you over the coming months. It’s going to be hard work but most importantly it’s going to be fun, interesting and completely original work that nobody, not even us, have seen before. We love to explore and we love to create and that will definitely be a theme for the coming year.

Therefore, we thought we would start off the year by featuring the fabulously fruity British Plum fragrance, hand blended by us in the UK. Check out the link below to this sweet, fruity and fun scent that will fill you with optimism for the coming year.