Artist Focus: Plum Bovan

For this Mother’s Day we are focusing on a woman who has brought inspiration to the life of her son, Matty Bovan, one of London’s current influential fashion designers. Plum Bovan has for years, experimented, customised and made her own outfits from recycled fabrics and garments. She has an inspiring productive relationship with Matty, making hand made jewellery pieces for his catwalks from earrings to incredible necklace structures. The intricate detailing in how she creates her jewellery is truly inspiring to us, with a hint to rough chopped punk fashion yet being so beautifully and elegantly crafted. Matty curates these pieces along side his loud and expressive eponymous brand, each outfit being a truly larger than life artwork in itself.

One of his recent catwalks featured headpieces of net fabric containing balloons and futuristic wigs which gave a perfect balance and elegance to the event whilst still expressing a deeply original flare and style of Matty. Plum describes fashion and expression in a pure form that: ‘It’s not fashion as a status symbol, it’s fashion as expression’

We love her updates on her daily outfits, each day presenting us with new elaborate ways to style up old fabrics!

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