Small steps to help a bigger cause

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The recent forest fires in The Amazon Rainforest has drawn the worlds attention to not only the huge problem of deforestation and global warming that the planet has faced for the last 50 years plus but also the total lack of commitment the global community has to stopping humanity destroying something that is so intrinsically important to the survival of the world. After the most powerful countries of the world got together to decide a plan of action they agreed to donate only 22 million dollars, in comparison to the 1 billion dollars raised from private donors for the fire of Notre Dame.

For us, what stood out is that the natural world is being subjected to horrific forces that are caused by humans but the people in the world who would be able to reverse this or help it the most do very little to help something that is not going to earn them more profits or social media ‘likes’. The wonders of the world like the ice caps or the Amazon Rainforest are not as glamorous to promote sending money to and the issue is so vast a lot of companies are not tackling them at all.

We want to help. We are not a huge corporation or even a large brand but we want to do a small amount to help the people who are committed to helping the natural world the best they can. Our first thought was to donate 10% of profits from an upcoming candle that we are currently working on but that would only reflect the world problem of larger corporations helping with only a drop in the ocean. We wanted to be different from the beginning when we founded Blank Factory in everything we do so we’re not going to donate 10% of the profits from our new candle…instead we are committing to donating 10% of profits from every single sale we ever make to Rainforest Foundation UK where 97% of all money donated goes to protecting the rainforest.

Start small and as we grow so will how much we can help the world around us and the causes we support.