Our first collaboration sees us partner with the iconic SCRT to create two bespoke fragrances inspired by Rituals.

‘The artwork for this piece has been taken from a larger collaboration with Bo Matteini, focused on exploring ancient rituals by examining vessels, actions a& behaviours, before reinterpreting them.’

We studied the artwork carefully when discussing how to translate the visual into the sensual and decided on taking the idea of dark and light, opposition and a versus format with one Light scent and one Dark. Light and darkness have a huge role in many historic retails from around the world and very much so in the ritual of burning a candle, from darkness there becomes light.

Lilac Hinoki, work no 7.1 (Rituals 1) is a sweet and sickly Lilac that has been intrigued and subdued by Japanese Hinoki and a touch of lemongrass to create a fragrance that is addictive and alluring. Even within this scent there is the idea of a process and ceremony, the sweet giving way to the wood and citrus of the Hinoki and Lemongrass.

Bergamot Tobacco, work no 8.1 (Rituals 2) takes a french bergamot and combines it with a smoky tobacco from Brazil to create a mystical scent that is invokative of an mental memory of wood, smoke and nature that is finished with a light and fresh note of air and pure water. This is a dark candle, yes, but also one that is intertwined with rituals and humanity. The dirt, smoke and base elements involved in it’s ingredients are subtly cleansed and contained by that last note of purity and clarity.

Both of these candles are available now from the link below, here, enjoy them and explore them.

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