Visceral Ginger


The majority of time the fragrance industry is disconnected between the raw ingredients and the final shiny bottle that appears on the shelf of a store. This is no fault of the inudsruty in some ways as a lot of the time ingredients have traveled around the globe and may be picked din one country, distilled in another and finally mixed in another.

However, we think it’s so interesting to seek the reality of perfume and the ingredients in a scented product. When we first considered which scents and ingredients to use in our products we wanted to include some classics, such as our Turkish Rose, but also some less heard of plants such as Indian Ajowan or French Anethi. A lot of the time the name of something is our first impression and intrigue is such a large factor in our senses and our motivations- scents that confuse, allure and enamour us are revered!

Our first ever plans for Blank Factory always included a Ginger scent so that was why we created Eastern Ginger at the very beginning- we had grown up with it in our kitchens etc but as a fragrance material we had not worked with it a lot before or heard of it being used in a really pure and effective product. I wanted to convey the earthy, visceral quality of the ginger root and create something bold that would blow any other scent in the room out the window. Such a bold and intense scent then needs to be softened so I then blended the ginger essential oil with a mix of grass extracts and oils to create a warm green base note which is comfortable after the almost shocking hit of the Eastern Ginger.