Visual Scent Profiles

We have created a visual scent profile for each of our different fragrances. When thinking of something that is sensual it is difficult to imagine what that might be without relying on another sense. By thinking of each scent as a visual landscape that can be imagined and explored in one quick snapshot will give an instant sense of everything that goes into that fragrance but also the idea behind that fragrance.

When first creating a scent, we always have an image, a feeling or even just colour in mind. It is from this start point that the final product will form and be worked on. It might not always end up exactly as we first thought of it just as a painter can imagine what he or she would like to create but the actual execution of that idea in reality will be ever so slightly changed. The main point is that scent, like art, is a creative process and one that is ever changing. We hope these scent profiles are beneficial in showing the mood, palette and sense of the…scents.