Eastern Ginger, work no 1.2

Eastern Ginger, work no 1.2

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Ginger has been used for thousands of years and has a long tradition for being a powerful health ingredient. Originating from the orient during the spice trade it entered Europe around 500BC and was used by the romans and Greeks for it’s powerful restorative and healing properties. As a fragrance material it has been used quite rarely but it’s scent is beautifully warm and spiced with a slight citrus edge that gives way to a tangy darkness that is alluring and intriguing. Buchu and a fresh green note make this fragrance rounded and balanced with an initial ginger hit giving way to a fresher green twist.

Sprayer not included, please add this into your basket separately and re use in the future.

Top:  Ginger, spice, citrus

Middle: Buchu, wood and smoke

Base Grass, green and leafy

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A room spray is a brilliant way of scenting a room in a safer and more instant way than a traditional candle. By using a room spray means that you can easily transport the scent and use it throughout the day or whilst travelling in hotels and cars etc. They have been used for over a hundred years in all walks of life around the world and are a perfect fit for a modern scented existence.

How to use

Make sure the trigger neck is set to open and there is space around you to spray the product without hitting a surface or any other people. Spray 1-3 full sprays into a room at varying heights and directions to infuse the space with the fragrance. Allow to settle for a few minutes and walk through the space to enjoy the desired scent.