Eastern Ginger, work no 1.3

Eastern Ginger, work no 1.3



Ginger has been used for thousands of years and has a long tradition for being a powerful health ingredient. Originating from the orient during the spice trade it entered Europe around 500BC and was used by the romans and Greeks for it’s powerful restorative and healing properties. As a fragrance material it has been used quite rarely but it’s scent is beautifully warm and spices with a slight citrus edge that gives way to a tangy darkness that is alluring and intriguing. Buchu and a fresh green note make this fragrance rounded and balanced with an initial ginger hit giving way to a fresher green twist.


These fragrance infused matches gently diffuse in a top pocket or left on a desk or in a draw. Upon lighting the fragrance will be released further to provide a subtle and intimate experience that enhances the use of the match.

Top:  Ginger, spice, citrus

Middle: Buchu, wood and smoke

Base Grass, green and leafy

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Scented matches are a relatively knew home fragrance product and enhance an already essential home product to provide a contemporary twist. The first matches were created using lengths of wood or cord that had been impregnated with flammable materials and would act in the same way as modern fuses for pyrotechnics today. The first recorded use of a match as a simple and transportable product was in 1270AD in China and have been essential in all walks of life since.

Our matches and packaging are all made by hand in the UK and contain no harmful chemicals, only natural flammable compounds and fragrance oils.

How to use

When lit, each match will release it’s aroma and gently scent the room around you. These are best used in spaces to eliminate odours such as kitchens or bathrooms but work equally well if lit in a hallway prior to guests arriving.