French Anethi sample

French Anethi sample



When selecting oils for our fragrances we wanted to find ingredients that had never been heard of and made people want to explore, learn and enjoy a fragrance from start to finish. Anethi was an intriguing name and upon smelling the raw oil for the first time we were transported to a rich and herbaceous sun filled landscape. Originating from the parsley family, Anethi is harvested in the deepest winter to produce a fresh, sweet and slightly earthy aroma. We wanted to blend this to build a sensory experience that embodied the origin of the Anethi plant: a slightly smoky juniper combined with a light fragranced flower and a woody but citrus shadow.


A 1.5ml scent sample in a sewn paper packet

Top: Clean, warm and darkly fruity

Middle: Citrus and woody

Base: Smoky and earthy

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