French Anethi, work no 4.2

French Anethi, work no 4.2

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When selecting oils for our fragrances we wanted to find ingredients that had never been heard of and made people want to explore, learn and enjoy a fragrance from start to finish. Anethi was an intriguing name and upon smelling the raw oil for the first time we were transported to a rich and herbaceous sun filled landscape. Originating from the parsley family, Anethi is harvested in the deepest winter to produce a fresh, sweet and slightly earthy aroma. We wanted to blend this to build a sensory experience that embodied the origin of the Anethi plant: a slightly smoky juniper combined with a light fragranced flower and a woody but citrus shadow.

Sprayer not included, please add this into your basket separately and re use in the future.

Top: Clean, warm and darkly fruity

Middle: Citrus and woody

Base: Smoky and earthy

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A room spray is a brilliant way of scenting a room in a safer and more instant way than a traditional candle. By using a room spray means that you can easily transport the scent and use it throughout the day or whilst travelling in hotels and cars etc. They have been used for over a hundred years in all walks of life around the world and are a perfect fit for a modern scented existence.

How to use

Make sure the trigger neck is set to open and there is space around you to spray the product without hitting a surface or any other people. Spray 1-3 full sprays into a room at varying heights and directions to infuse the space with the fragrance. Allow to settle for a few minutes and walk through the space to enjoy the desired scent.