What we do

The clients and brands that we work with range from start-up’s to multi-nationals but we believe that every person we work with has unique needs that require a bespoke service.

We engage with you, listen to your ideas, and test and challenge them, to help you refine and transform them into highly desirable conceptual products.

The time of living in separate countries and areas is now very much over and companies are international through social media and the internet and we believe very strongly about this. The clients we work with are international and we have a huge experience with working in different time zones to communicate information and ideas whether that is virtually or face to face!

Contact us now for a free consultation to learn more about your company, your background and your ideas.

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Why we do it

We believe that own label products can change a company from being simply operational to building a brand that is recognisable, valuable and saleable.

Individuality is so important to stand out from a busy market place and there is no better way to engage with potential customers than having the ability for them to put that product on their bodies, live with them and enjoy your brand wherever they are in the world.