Blank Factory was founded to create a company with an ethical foundation at its heart whilst still remaining joyful and a company with a nod of humour in all that we do.

We don’t think it’s right to just say we are ethical without showing a commitment early on in our business to helping the world and dealing with the issues that will effect generations to come. We minimise on plastic where possible and as we grow this will reduce even further but that is only one part of the ethical and sustainable battle that must be fought in the 21st century.

To show our commitment to helping not only the ocean plastics problem but the wider and ever changing issues of the world we will always give 10% of all sales to the Rainforest Foundation UK who help to protect and restore the worlds rainforests. We are only a small company but we want to hopefully do our best in fixing and minimising some of the issues the human race faces today.

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Alex Verier

After setting up an online magazine at university that connected local artists, writers and creatives Alex then went on to be a founder of a skincare and fragrance brand based in Margate, UK. Alex worked on original formulations for skincare and fragrances as well as private label clients around the world as well as working with stores such as Mr Porter, Bergdorf Goodman, Selfridges, Liberty, Fortnum and Mason, Collette Paris, Merci and Lane Crawford.

Since then Alex has worked with a range of different clients to formulate scents, advise on packaging sourcing and general logistics in the beauty and fragrance industry. Blank Factory continues to do this, as well as our own fantastic products, so that our principles of honesty and genuine transparency can be in our own products but so that we can also help any other company to do the same.

Gus Sharpe

Gus has always loved art, artists and an alternative way of looking at the world. In his own work he uses media ranging from painting to photography, fashion to styling and has, over the years, found a style that is complex and daring. 

Alex first met Gus as school friends and in the years following that they worked together on multiple projects concerned with art, fashion and also skincare and fragrance. Gus was instrumental in helping to create fragrances and products as well as giving feedback on every new product. 

He is a visual person who lives every day as an artwork and was therefore a valuable member in the creation of our original six product lines- working tirelessly on the artworks and advising on the scents. 

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