Madagascan Ylang Ylang, work no 3.3

Madagascan Ylang Ylang, work no 3.3



By using a pure organic Ylang Ylang oil we have produced a fragrance that is sweet, exotic and floral. This is such a comforting and warm aroma that is perfect for coming home to after a long day at work or using in a hotel room to remind you of home. A warm orange accord gives way to a darker honey and clove base that will fill your home with a sultry but citrus fragrance.


These fragrance infused matches gently diffuse in a top pocket or left on a desk or in a draw. Upon lighting the fragrance will be released further to provide a subtle and intimate experience that enhances the use of the match.

Top: Warm and comforting

Middle: Sweet honey and green

Base: Dark and mild citrus

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A room spray is a brilliant way of scenting a room in a safer and more instant way than a traditional candle. By using a room spray means that you can easily transport the scent and use it throughout the day or whilst travelling in hotels and cars etc. They have been used for over a hundred years in all walks of life around the world and are a perfect fit for a modern scented existence.

How to use

When lit, each match will release it’s aroma and gently scent the room around you. These are best used in spaces to eliminate odours such as kitchens or bathrooms but work equally well if lit in a hallway prior to guests arriving.